Transit Security Solutions in Great Neck, West Hempstead & New York, NY

Since public safety is at the heart of any transit provider's responsibilities, nothing is more important for a transportation company's bottom line than the security of its passengers and operators.

Transportation providers in Great Neck, West Hempstead & New York, NY face ever increasing threats to security, as criminals continue to find new ways to exploit any security vulnerabilities. Yet finding a security solution that is customized to the unique needs of the transportation industry can be a challenge. At Signature Security we design and install professional transportation security solutions that combine multi megapixel video surveillance with powerful video analytics and easy-to-use central management software.

Professionally Designed Video Security Solutions in Great Neck & New York, NY

A professionally designed video security system can help reduce threats and provide court admissible evidence for any incidents that do occur within transit systems. Whether your operation is large or small, Signature Security can create a customized security solution specifically tailored to your transportation service. We offer video security solutions for every kind of transportation business in the Great Neck, West Hempstead & New York, NY region, including:

  • Air and Sea Cargo Operations
  • Airports
  • Airport Shuttles
  • Bus Lines
  • Ferry Terminals
  • Freight Carriers
  • Mass Transit
  • Ports And Marinas
  • Rail And Subway Systems
  • Shipyards, Depots, and Transportation Storage Facilities
  • Taxi and Limousine Services

    The Importance of Video Security for Transit Services

    Transportation Security

    Great Neck & New York, NY transportation services face significant threats on a daily basis, from domestic terrorism, to assaults on passengers and operators, to property crimes. Professionally installed video surveillance systems from Signature Security can help transportation companies actively monitor all areas of their operations for potential threats like abandoned objects, escalating tensions between people, or suspicious activity.

    Signature Security can install a video security system anywhere within your transportation infrastructure, including:

    • Entrances and Perimeters
    • Payment and Ticketing Stations
    • Parking Lots
    • Stations, Platforms and Terminals
    • Loading Docks
    • Cargo Staging and Storage Areas
    • Garages, Depots, and Yards
    • In Vehicles to Monitor Drivers, Passengers, and Cargo
    • Administrative Offices

    Protect Property

    Loss of valuable assets and cargo due to theft and internal shrink is a significant problem in the transportation industry. Vehicles, passenger loading and unloading sites, and storage facilities are all susceptible to robbery and theft. Having video surveillance cameras in place can serve as a significant deterrent against these types of events.

    Rapid Response

    Signature Security provides surveillance systems that empower your transportation security teams to respond to incidents in real time. With 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities, security officials can identify risks and respond to situations immediately.

    Achieving consistency in your Great Neck & New York, NY transportation business processes is key to providing on-time service, maintaining ridership, and ensuring regulatory compliance. With a professionally designed and installed security camera system, you will have the capability to monitor activity 24/7 in transit vehicles and public areas, to identify potential issues and determine the appropriate course of action to improve process and maintain consistency.

    Advertising is a key source of revenue for many New York, NY transportation companies. Video surveillance can help to measure audience engagement with vehicle signage and display advertising. Signature Security provides video security cameras and recorders with video analytics, including region entrance/exit, object counting, heat mapping and more, which can help transportation providers gather data to help gauge advertising performance.

    Secure Data Storage

    Our video security systems feature purpose built security recorders with advanced surveillance-class hard drives. Internal storage up to 192 TB enables you to store and protect months' worth of video security data.

    Cutting Edge Video Security Technology

    Signature Security offers video security systems that are engineered with the latest processors, image chipsets and infrared technology, to deliver uncompromising performance and a best-in-class customer experience to our Great Neck & New York, NY transit clients.

    The advanced video surveillance technologies we provide include:

    • Multi-megapixel HD-TVI and Network IP Cameras
    • Starlight Technology for Color Images in Low Light Conditions
    • Advanced Infrared Technology
    • Full Frame Illumination
    • Security Recorders with H.265+ Video Compression
    • Central Management Software
    • Easy to Use Mobile App
    • Video Analytics
    • Point of Sale (POS) Integration
    • Surveillance Grade Micro SD Cards

    Backed by Experienced, Local Customer Support

    At Signature Security, we know that you have multiple options for video security providers in the Great Neck & New York, NY area. We strive to stand apart from the competition with our commitment to providing the highest quality, most knowledgeable, local customer service. Our highly trained video security technicians do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients' video security systems continue to provide reliable 24/7 protection, and our professional support team is here whenever you have questions or need maintenance or upgrades to your system.

    Our Process

    How We Work with Great Neck & New York, NY Transit Providers

    SWOT Analysis

    Signature Security understands that every Great Neck & New York, NY transportation business has unique needs and challenges. Our approach is to partner with you to ensure that we understand your security needs, and that the solution we design meets the requirements of your specific application. Our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough evaluation of your operation's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We then use this data to design your customized video security solution.

    System Design

    We deliver a customized security solution that addresses your transportation infrastructure, your business model, and your security concerns. We start with a thorough walkthrough of your facilities, which enables us to design your system from the ground up to ensure maximum protection for your business operations, your employees, and your ridership.

    Professional Installation

    We handle the entire installation process from start to finish. We will work with you to schedule your security system's installation to ensure minimal disruption to your transportation schedules. Before your system goes live, we will thoroughly test and calibrate it to ensure optimal performance. We'll also conduct a working session with key team members to review your system's functionality and answer any questions, and will make any necessary adjustments to the design based on your feedback.

    Comprehensive Training

    We'll provide a thorough training session for your ops team, covering everything they need to know to confidently operate your video security system, from managing live and recorded camera views, to remote monitoring, to using video analytics and much more.

    Service and Support

    Signature Security is committed to serving our Great Neck & New York, NY customers, to ensure that their video security systems continue to perform flawlessly, year in, year out. Our experienced tech support team is available anytime you have questions or need assistance. And if your system ever needs maintenance, or if you decide to expand your system, our highly trained technicians will be there for you, to ensure that your transportation business is protected.

    Easy Upgrades

    The video security technology that we provide is highly adaptable to changing business priorities. Our "future-proof" systems are designed to scale as you grow, so you can integrate more cameras and recorders as needed at any time after installation, without having to redesign your system's infrastructure.

    What Our Customers Say

    "Professional, experienced and friendly. I recently had a an installation done in my home. It was quick clean job the quality of the cameras are top notch I still had a question about the the system a month after installation and without any hesitation they came over to answer all my inquiries. Good people, good service I'm very happy."

    Leon L.

    "Professionally installed a brand new state of the art intercom and security camera system for us. Done is a timely manner as promised. Extremely responsible and great prices! Highly recommended!"

    Mansour F.

    "Excellent service!!!!! I use mike for all my home security. Cameras & alarm service. I plan on using him for my business as well. Great guy & great service!!!"

    Robert D.

    "Excellent job! Quick, clean and professional - highly recommended to anybody looking to get the job done right."

    Leor S.

    "Mike and his team are the best! I researched multiple alternatives and they were similarly priced to competitors. The big difference is that they did everything asked of them with no compromises (hide wires, clean mounting of cameras, tutorial of whole system)! If you're thinking about getting a security system at your house you should talk to Mike! Also, Mike has been following up and making sure everything is working fine weeks after the install...awesome!"

    Ryan M.

    "Amazing, professional, and work done perfectly. A pleasure to work with, very reliable, and highly recommended!"

    Joseph F.

    "Mike and his team are the best! I researched multiple alternatives and they were similarly priced to competitors. The big difference is that they did everything asked of them with no compromises (hide wires, clean mounting of cameras, tutorial of whole system)! If you're thinking about getting a security system at your house you should talk to Mike! Also, Mike has been following up and making sure everything is working fine weeks after the install...awesome!"

    Shlomo I.

    "I was referred to Signature Security by a friend when I moved into my new house and their service was quick and flawless from the second I called and spoke to them. They were able to help me efficiently determine exactly what I needed to maximize the security in my home while on a budget and to my delight, the quality was not even slightly diminished. The installation and wiring were done very well and neatly with materials and technology of the highest quality. The ongoing customer service is stellar as well. Signature Security is definitely my first choice and I refer my friends to them all the time! A+++!"

    Peter C.