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You always want a dedicated team to take care of your home or office security. We're more than just a security system supplier-we'll also install your new system. We can upgrade your property with:

Security cameras | Automation systems | Video intercom systems | Home theaters

Our skilled team knows how to address security concerns for a variety of residential and commercial properties. If you're more interested in an entertainment upgrade, we also design and install home theater systems. You can contact our security system installer today if you need to upgrade your property's security.

Wondering why you should choose our team?

You need an experienced and dedicated security system installer to take care of your property. An expert knows how to choose the right system for your needs. Many of our customers count on us because we:

Offer free estimates | Are licensed and insured | Have over a decade of experience

With exceptional customer service and high-quality products, our team will take care of you and your property. Check our Reviews page now if you'd like a second opinion on our services.

Protect Your Property in New York, NY

Speak to our security system installer today

New York is the city that never sleeps, so you need a reliable security system to keep you, your family or your business safe around the clock. Signature Security is a security system supplier and installer in Great Neck, West Hempstead & New York, NY. We'll upgrade your property with a new security system so you can rest easy.

Call 347-921-2555 today to schedule your security system installation. We serve properties in New York and the surrounding 30-mile radius.


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